The Future of Travel is Here: Slow Travel

The Future of Travel is Here: Slow Travel


Slow travel is a way of traveling that encourages connection to the people, customs, food, and music of the place you're visiting. It is based on the premise that a vacation should educate as well as have an emotional impact, both now and in the future, while being environmentally and locally sustainable.

The premise is the same in every industry. When it comes to travel, a "slow" approach encourages visitors to put their to-do lists and Instagram-worthy photo ops aside and simply enjoy what the local community has to offer. Rather than focusing on the "popular sites" listed in a travel book, focus on what people do on a daily basis, things that excite and delight them. These relationships will have a far greater influence on you than the recollections you have of dashing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction.

This isn't just a mode of transportation; it's an attitude. When traveling, it is the belief that the quality of your experience is more essential than the quantity of your experiences.

Here are three ways you can turn your trip around to this new trend and mindset of traveling.


1. Local holidays and cities close to home

Over the previous two years, staycations have become extremely popular. We began to spend more time researching our own country. Frequently, the cities closest to us are the ones we intend to see "one day," but they are pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists in favor of somewhere more exotic. So, why not make today your "one day" and visit a local city, whether it's on your to-do list or simply because it's close by? If we're ready to look for them, hidden jewels can be found all around us.


2. Consider the environment

One of the motivations for the slow travel movement was to help the environment. By reserving ecolabel hotels on your trip, you can help reduce your trip's environmental impact while maintaining your passion for travel. Bidroom has the largest selection of eco-friendly hotels online, as well as a variety of greener travel services to customize your trip, no matter how far you travel. Because the platform is exclusive to subscribers, they can guarantee lower costs. Greener travel is an important part of the Slow Travel concept, as is global warming


3. Caravan trips and "off the beaten path" adventures

Make a playlist for you.  Invite a loved one and take the road to, well, wherever you want to go!

Pro-tip: We can prefer capital cities to runner-up cities – the second or third most popular destinations — as vacationers. But it's in those cities that the magic happens, because they're usually less touristy and more authentic. Consider going somewhere new on your next slow journey.


4. Benefits of Slow Traveling

  1. Slow traveling can be a more reasonable alternative than a commonplace visitor side trip. Rather than Chain Hotels and big-name Restaurants you’ll be able to discover throughout the day and rent an airbnb or a small local hotel to live a little more like  a local and save money. 

  2. You won’t be able to meet anybody who has the capacity to change your life while your head is stuck in  a traveler guide. Look up and try to learn a little bit of the local language to be able to share that sense and side of the culture. 

  3. You'll have to overcome language boundaries and differences in cultural traditions. These encounters will make you a more learned traveler and provide you a worldwide perspective.

  4. Leave your usual busy mindset at home and immerse yourself in the local culture's pace. Reframe your trip as a chance for growth, knowledge, and development, rather than a list or a checklist.


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